Banana Republic Credit Card

Banana Republic seems to be for the coolest of the cool that are fashionable at affordable prices. Because Banana Republic wants to make sure all of the cool folks continue to get their garments at affordable prices, they created the Banana Republic Credit Card. The Banana Republic Credit Card is their way of making sure to give something back to its patrons in a way that promotes their spending and results in their loyalty. Frequent shoppers of Banana Republic are the first ones who need to make sure to take advantage of the Banana Republic Credit Card. the most loyal customers already know just how great the offering of the Banana Republic Credit Card really is and how they are saving much more money because of it.

Those who shop at Banana Republic the most often are more likely to get the card upgrade to the ultimate member level of Luxe member. All you have to do to reach that level is to have spent $800 or more within a calendar year among Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta stores. The Luxe member status gets you a whole lot of awesome rewards that can really come in handy for the frequent shopper. For example, you will get free shipping for all of your online purchases which is something that most stores don't offer on any membership level. You also get to add an additional 15% off on whatever sale day promotion that you like as a Luxe member. They even have private shopping days where only their Luxe members are allowed to show up and shop.


If you are a Luxe member with Banana Republic you definitely should feel as though you are being treated like a celebrity. Not many stores still have sales that are exclusive for any of their members in particular. Just make absolutely sure that you are careful not to neglect your bills because of all of the sales and excitement. Surely with everything they are offering even to the regular cardholders there are a lot of savings to look forward to with having a Banana Republic Credit Card. Don't forget that because of the Visa logo on your Banana Republic Credit Card you are also able to use the card and gain even more points on the dollar everywhere Visa is accepted.

There's not enough time for us to just really go into every single rewards and points promotion available to you if you become a Banana Republic Credit Card holder. We really suggest that if you are even a shopper who visits the store every now and then you should still check out this card. Being able to use it in your everyday life when you aren’t thinking of shopping at Banana Republic could prove you to have even greater points as if you are shopping there all the time. With so many points racking up on your Banana Republic Credit Card you may realize you can then stop in or shop online and get free items altogether using your points.